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A Google Doodle for my own birthday

That was a big surprise this morning when I logged on to my computer. Though, I haven’t set Google as my home page on Internet Explorer (Yes, I still use IE :), but as a (bad) habit directly type the There was a colleague standing next to me, and after looking at Google Doodle, I told him that it looks like some great guy also happens to be born on the same date as of mine. And by the time I hovered over the Doodle, it was really a big fat surprise, Google had customised the doodle for my own birthday with alternate text ‘Happy Birthday Manas!‘.

Frankly, quite impressive.

Hey Google, Many thanks for remembering!!! 😉

Manas Bhardwaj Birthday Google Doodle

P.S. : Dear facebooktwitter: Were you sleeping this morning or just not bothered about it?

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