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Windows Azure : Failed to delete Storage account

I have been playing with my recently setup Windows Azure account. Nothing substantial, but have been creating and deleting VMs, websites.
But this morning I noticed that I have setup a Storage Account as well, which I did not remember setting up. After trying again and again to delete the storage, I was getting the following error:

“Storage account **************** has 1 container(s) which have an active image and/or disk artifacts. Ensure those artifacts are removed from the image repository before deleting this storage account.”

After some research, I got to know that one of disks which was created with VM was still there and it needs to be deleted before removing the stuff from storage account. If you want to delete the storage account, you need to delete any images/disks you have remaining in that storage account.

Go to Virtual Machines -> “Disks” or “Images” tab -> select the images/disks that you have located in the Storage Account you want to delete -> then hit the “Delete disk” or “delete image” command. Back these up if you need before hitting the delete.

Once the images/disks in the storage account have been deleted, you should be able to delete the storage account.

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