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The Adventure called TechEd Europe 2012

What an adventurous week it was. Full of networking, learning, great people and some awesome parties. As I mentioned in my previousĀ post, I was one of the delegate to Microsoft TechEd Europe 2012 at Amsterdam RAI.


It started with a fabulous keynote by Brad Anderson and Jason Zander on Azure, Widows 8, its capabilities and future. Well, did I forget to mention the guest appearance of Scott Gu?

Four days and close to 20 sessions, I can just say that I would need loads of time to just recap what I heard in TechEd 2012.

Here is my list of topics of my interest and to be followed in near future:

  • Windows Azure
    • I have the MSDN professional subscription, still need to say how much I can avail through it.
  • Visual Studio / Team Foundation Server 2012 : I am a big fan of Agile methodology and Microsoft Team has done quite some work to bring the great experience for developers. Especially looking for:
    • Planning and Capacity
    • Storyboarding
    • Intellitrace
  • Unit Testing enhancements: Fakes, Shims
  • Windows 8 : Metro Style Apps

This was just about the learning stuff, but there was this awesome party organized by Microsoft for close to 5000 delegates and staff at Amsterdam Arena Stadium. They streamed the live semi final match between Spain and Portugal. Everyone know what happened laterĀ .

The only thing which kind of sucked at the event was NO INTERNET on day 2. They had some technical failure because of which there was no internet available for almost the day.


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